energy saving benefits for commercial buildings

commercial buildings using a kvar energy saving device

Commercial Units - Expected savings 6% - 17%

Savings from the use of KECs will vary from 6% to 17% reductions on your electric power bill. Some KEC equipped facilities provide even greater levels of demand and energy savings. In fact, the simple payback of your investment in KECs typically ranges from 6 months to 3 years. Our KECs will work wonders on rooftop air conditioning systems, water pumps, fans and inductive motors of sizes.

Before our KVAR Distributors undertake the on-site survey required to determine the reactive component sizing of individual motors, they typically require one-line diagrams and motor time-of-use and infrastructure details.

The KVAR Survey is conducted by qualified electricians using our patent protected sizing apparatus. We conduct sizing of motors to determine reactive load requirements, so we may optimize individual motor loads or facilities loads for unity Power Factor (PF). Once you have reached unity (1.0 PF) you are optimized. Upon completion of the KVAR Survey, the sizing sheets are sent to our manufacturing facilities in Daytona Beach, Florida for processing and fabrication.

Most of our deployed commercial KECs are custom made to meet the specific reactive load requirements of each motor, bus or panel.

Our custom built power factor optimizing devices are then integrated, tested and shipped to customers. KVAR Distributors arrange for the electricians to install, test and commission the KECs. Once in service, commercial customers start saving energy immediately.

Contact us to get a KVAR Reference List for your specific business sector, operations or type of facilities. We are the only provider of green, certified and money back guaranteed KVAR Energy Controllers.

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