Whether you are in the food and beverage, pulp and paper, automotive, metals and mining, refinery, chemical, waste water management or other industry sectors that use inductive motors, you will realize power bill savings ranging from 6% to 25%. In some cases, you may get even higher levels of savings.

We know because we have customers that have totally eliminated their demand charges, thereby significantly improving their bottom line. Ask us for a Reference List for your industry sector. Here is what we will need from you to get started: A list of all motors that are considered for optimization, plant distribution one-line diagrams and other pertinent infrastructure information.

We will send a qualified electrician and technician team to conduct reactive component motor sizing. Theyll verify harmonics compliance, determine KEC requirements, prepare an estimated level of savings/payback report and provide a commercial proposal for your consideration. Industrial electric grid distribution improvements start with Power Factor optimization.

Industrial customers will typically see a savings of 6% to 25%. Click here to see our guarantee.