To prove our product’s reliability and savings, KECs have successfully been tested and received endorsements from:

NASA™, Honeywell™ and SMT Engineering LLC.

The KEC is UL and CSA listed, CE certified and meets RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances Directives). The RoHS compliance qualifies KECs as a ‘Green Product’ since all its electric and electronic components are compliant. This means the passive units of fixed capacitors is made of linseed oil capacitors, as opposed to PCBs, the wiring and other components are also of premium grade. KEC were designed for a 25 year life cycle.

Memorandum from: John Guidotti, Lebanon
Subject: KVAR™ Energy Conservation Project, Campion Rink

Dear John,

We have completed the season at Campion Rink and wanted to thank you for the KVAR™ Energy Controller project you completed for us. Here is the data compiled by our business office based on the average of the last three years prior compared to this season. We are all astounded by the impact this technology had on our electrical consumption.


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carbon footprint.

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